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Jazz Nights

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Across three consecutive Thursdays in March grab your pals and get down to the Risq Small Bar & Lounge in Joondalup for an evening of Jazz performances from Standards to Swings.

Featuring performances by Perth-renowned artists, Jazz nights are not to be missed.

Thursday 17 March

Adrian Galante & Danny Moss Quartet

Adrian Galante is an Australian jazz clarinetist and pianist. His precocious talent excites and delights audiences wherever he performs, playing both instruments with a depth of knowledge and feeling that very few attain. His expressive playing exhibits a melancholic romanticism combined with a joyous feeling for swinging, bebop and the blues.

Internationally renowned double bassist Danny Moss Jnr is an unashamed disciple of the great Ray Brown! His propulsive lines and ‘long note’ style have earned him a considerable reputation. One of Europe’s top piano players John Critchinson, (long time member of Ronnie Scotts quartet), dubbed Danny ‘The Pathfinder’ due to his driving and harmonically sympathetic bass lines on a recent European tour.

Thursday 24 March

Dirty Jazz with Jessie Gordon

Jessie Gordon is no stranger to the darker side of jazz. Joined by a quartet of delightfully upstanding citizens (and incredibly talented jazz musicians), Jessie delves into the depths of the dirtiest jazz tunes around for a thrilling speakeasy adventure. There are more filthy songs about drinking, thinking and fine dining than you can poke a stick at, and none of them are safe for regular consumption.

There are songs for the swooning moonshiners, those inclined to wine, those frisky for whisky and some odes to our favourite friends, those tenders of the bar. In the dark, dingy corners and smokey recesses of the Golden Era of Swing, there are songs to address your every desire, there is room for all your dirty deeds and time for you to unwind with a refined beverage.

Thursday 31 March

Gypsy Jazz with Jessie Gordon

Jessie Gordon is joined by her two favourite gypsy guitarists Lachlan Gear and Aaron Deacon. The trio have been playing together for many years in Sassafras, but tonight they turn their attention to a truly swinging performance with brand new arrangements as well as some old favourites. They’ll be playing gorgeous gypsy tunes and dramatic French ballads by the likes of Djano Reinhardt, Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel.

Risq Small Bar & Lounge is an intimate venue, therefore bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment.

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