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The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind

Discovery Theatre Auslan

The troubles and triumphs of living in a silent world

Ever wondered what it might be like to experience a lifetime of isolation? No communication, forced to learn in a language you can’t experience… welcome to The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind.

Peter Blockey and Eddie Szczepanik from Deafinite Connection invite you into their world with this interactive signed storytelling and song performance. With the help of three hearing cast members, they share the highs and lows of growing up in a hearing world – from Deaf education in the 70s, tales of heartbreak, and celebrations of new technologies.

This heartfelt story will drag you through a range of emotions and expose you to an unfamiliar and challenging, yet beautiful at times, cultural experience. You will step outside the theatre with a greater understanding of the Deaf and Deafblind community and culture, and a hunger to continue your Auslan journey.

“You will not see a show that will fill you with more warmth. This is theatre that nourishes the soul.” – Tom Camp for Isolated Nation

“Moving in more than one sense.” – Bruce Denny for Seesaw

Want to learn a bit of Auslan in the lead up to the show? Join Peter and Eddie for a whirlwind workshop to learn some fundamentals of Australian sign language. Snap up a ticket for What’s Your Sign – at Peppermint Green or the Edith Cowan Centre.


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