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Community Music

Shine bright like a diamond.

In a heartwarming culmination of weeks of rehearsals, the Joondalup Community Choir are ready to bring you a joyous music event.

Beacon is about hope and being a light to others. The diverse and intergenerational choir explores knowledge-sharing between generations, history, culture and community-building.

With two performances at Hillarys Boat Harbour, this year’s choir repertoire celebrates the power of connection, encouraging us through dark passages of life and into the light, guided by our Elders and mentors. Expect to hear uplifting, inspiring music from Florence & The Machine, Jackie Wilson and more, as well as some original pieces.

With music and creative direction from Breaksea and guided by music director, conductor and soprano Pia Harris, this impressive performance will fill you with hope and move you beyond words.

Come and enjoy this magnificent showcase of Joondalup’s singing talent, performed under the stars with Electric Kingdom’s enormous glowing falcon as a fitting backdrop for the spectacle.

No bookings required


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