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Electric Kingdom

WA Premiere Major Presentation Discovery Immersive

Get ready for a new breed of outdoor experience!

Follow illuminated paths to discover a magical menagerie of glowing giants in the Electric Kingdom – an award-winning, jaw-dropping extravaganza featuring large-scale, luminescent animals of epic proportions.

Come and be captivated by the colossal creatures roaming, rolling and reacting to the crowds, including the menacing Tiger, the mighty Falcon, the roly-poly Pandas, the towering Giraffes, and Tarutharu the Kaurna Skink. Don’t miss the spectacular Underwater Wonderland, where giant jellies bob above luminous fish and incandescent corals. You might even catch two naughty crabs cheekily scurrying through the crowds…

In an exciting commission for Joondalup Festival, a brand-new creature is set to be unleashed! Created in collaboration with local Noongar artists Kambarni, Boox Kid, and Cyril Yarran, the Snake-Necked Turtle will make its debut in the Electric Kingdom. Known as Yaakan, Booyi or Choonya in Noongar, this ‘near threatened’ little turtle is endemic to the Joondalup region.

This electrifying one-of-a-kind event is brought to life by A Blanck Canvas, the Melbourne production team whose illuminated artworks have awed audiences at industry-leading events like World Expo, Moomba and White Night.

How much does it cost to see Electric Kingdom?

Absolutely free, with no registration required.

Where should I start?

There is no specific entrance to Electric Kingdom. You can start your experience anywhere at Hillarys Boat Harbour.

How much time should I allow for the event?

The duration of your visit will vary depending on your pace. As a rough guideline, we recommend allocating 45-60 minutes to fully immerse yourself and make the most of the experience.

Will there be strobe lighting or flashing effects?

Electric Kingdom is an illuminated experience. Some lighting sequences during the event may include flashing, quick changing, and patterned effects. However, please note that there will be no strobe lighting used.

Will there be smoke or haze effects?

Smoke and haze effects will be used in some areas.

What happens if it’s raining?

Electric Kingdom will take place as planned, even in the event of rain or wind. Please check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. In the unlikely event that weather conditions become unsafe, we may have to cancel the event. Stay updated with the latest information by checking our website and following Joondalup Festival on Facebook and Instagram.

Is there food and drink available?

Yes! Hillarys Boat Harbour features a diverse array of restaurants, cafes and pubs. You can see what’s on offer by checking the Hillarys Boat Harbour website.

No bookings required


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